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Day In The Life Of Pre-Kindergarteners (Part 2)

This week I had the privilege of being invited to the other Pre-Kindergarten class to introduce myself and learn more about the students. Last week, I met an amazing group of students and I couldn’t wait to meet their peers. 

Upon entering the classroom, the students were working on proposals. Ms. Augustina and Ms. Laura asked they put their proposals on hold to join me on the rug. What an amazing group of enthusiastic learners! Their engagement was beyond excited and attentive as we sat on the carpet to talk about words they learned in Spanish and why their friends are awesome. 

The students were eager to share all the positive words they learned in Spanish. Noah and Kaiya’s favorite word they learned that day was “por favor” while the majority of the class, including Meli, Harper, Zeff, Danny and Milana enjoyed learning “gracias”. Other words the students practiced included “musica”, “arco iris“, “bien dia”, “permiso” and “bailar”. Ori went beyond sharing her favorite word and looked at her friend to tell her “quiero jugar contigo”. The students are fluent with kind words in multiple languages giving them the opportunity to connect to Spanish speakers and able to spread kindness to more people. 

We often do not take a moment to think about why are friends are awesome. The students pondered their answers. Alice and Lucas are best friends and they are grateful to have met and be in the same class. Sara finds it awesome that Ori speaks Hebrew and English. Adrian really likes the fact that his friend holds his hand and Nico and Luke mutually enjoy playing together on the playground and in the dramatic play center of the classroom. Their friendships extend to their teachers. They are all in agreement that Ms. Augustina and Ms. Laura are awesome because they give lots of hugs, especially their daily group hug. As a class they enjoy the playground, lunch, centers and dancing. Pre-Kindergarten A expressed their joy of coming to school and they always look forward to being with their friends.  The students are grateful for each other and Nico A is especially grateful for his “daddy”.

I have really enjoyed learning more about the Pre-Kindergarten students. I look forward to seeing them on campus this year and welcoming them daily upstairs in Kindergarten next year!

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