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The Day In The Life Of Fourth Graders

Today, Mrs. Curtiss welcomed the fourth graders to eat lunch in her office as they conversed about different topics. The discussion had a natural flow as the class truly enjoys hanging out with one another. It was such a joy to watch them interact during lunch time and even include Mrs. Curtiss in many of their conversations. Their enthusiasm was heard in the hallways and onlookers couldn’t help but stop in to say hi!

This week parents from Mrs. Marin’s language arts class were invited to hear their child’s essays on three things they are thankful for this year. Parents were overcome with emotion as they heard their child speak. This afternoon we asked the students to choose one thing they were thankful for and why. The majority of fourth graders agreed that they would choose their family. Mateo said that his family “is always there for me and always has my back” and Moshe expanded by saying “they comfort me when I’m sad.” It was Elyse who said she is thankful for school because she “enjoys learning new things.” As their peers spoke, the fourth graders patiently raised their hand to add things they are thankful for this year. 

Thanksgiving Fourth Graders

The topics changed as the fourth graders started to speak about their future plans. Many of them want to play professional sports such as basketball, football and soccer. Matthew wants to attend the “special college in Boston” (Harvard) and “work hard to be successful and rich”. He is currently an entrepreneur selling healthy juices and hopes to open a store one day with the money he saves. Isa wants to be a zoo keeper and her favorite animal is a giraffe! Many of these career choices are influenced by their teachers here at the Gordon School.

Juan exclaimed “Coach Mike, Mrs. Marin and of course my mom, are my favorite teachers!” He later added Rabbi Julie when thinking about people that make him laugh. He likes Coach Mike because of his love for sports and Mrs. Marin is favorite because she is a good teacher and listens. All of the fourth graders were in agreement that Mrs. Marin was the most liked this year! They said she is nice and fair to everyone. Noah loves all of his teachers because they are all so nice and helpful and especially has a meaningful connection with Coach Mike. Mrs. Curtiss is a favorite because she “always has a smile” and Mr. Noah takes students to our amazing playground after lunch, earning him a spot in the student’s favorite teachers. 

As we concluded our lunch discussion, it was important that we added more superheroes to the Gordon School Verse. Unicorn Isa would be able to fly and speed through the sky, while Armand wants to join his friends in the sky as he flies to his next mission. Noah wants power similar to Superman, including flying, super strength and laser eyes but would also add shape shifter. Majority of the fourth graders would have the power to fly and many additional abilities including teleporting, invisibility, lightning zapping and a force field. These powers would strengthen the Gordon School verse and lead all missions to victory!

Science Fourth Graders

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