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A Day In The Life Of Kindergarteners

It was such an honor to take time to share with you (our readers) “A Day in the Life Of…” series. Follow our blog to discover what is new and upcoming for the next semester of the school year. We can’t wait to keep you posted on the amazing stories ahead. I am excited to invite you to learn more about Ms. Stephanie Llanes and the Tikvah Center and continue learning about Ms. Miki Dayan and the Early Childhood Center in the Spring Semester. Mrs. Curtiss and I certainly had a great time getting to know each student a little more and we loved sharing these moments with you! This week, we met with the youngest students in the Day School. Our kindergarteners were eager to share their thoughts with Mrs. Curtiss. 

Our kindergarteners love the Gordon School!! The Day School Office was a buzz with conversation as our students shared their favorite things about the Gordon School. Tala loves doing fun experiments in science while Matias, Avi and David enjoy going to physical education with Coach Mike. Abby likes centers, especially when they have the opportunity to play with Legos, and Ethan says music is his favorite class because he loves playing instruments. Isa loves coming to Mrs. Curtiss’ office to tell her about all the wonderful things she is learning in school. Sophia summed it up, “Kindergarten is (her) favorite class and (she) is excited for First Grade.” We feel proud listening to our students share what impacts them the most at the Gordon School. We know our wonderful teachers play a key role in making the students feel happy and supported each day.

Silly faces!

The Kindergarteners agreed that Mrs. Kurstin and Ms. Snyderman make them feel happy. They love the coins they earn for following class rules and appreciate the teachers for helping them with “stuff”. One student exclaimed to Mrs. Curtiss “I love you because you’re nice!” It’s a true testament when the students can’t stop saying amazing things about the teaching staff as well as the team that makes up the Gordon School.

With the love for their school, they have ideas of things they would want to add. An extravagant playroom was at the top of the list for indoor recess when it is raining. The playroom would include a rock climbing wall, indoor go karting, rollercoaster and a jungle gym. The students also would like to see a football stadium, superhero park and a girl palace, where they promised boys were invited too.

We officially have created the “Gordonverse” with all grades at the Gordon School. The Kindergarteners had various powers but all had in common that they would work together to take down the bad guys. The boys want to throw webs, like Spider-Man, be as strong as the Hulk and have a suit like Iron Man. They would team up to “help keep other good superheroes safe”. The girls want rainbow masks with stars by their eyes. They would use stars, hearts and rainbows to take down the bad guys. Isa would make the bad guys stand on a star to send them to outer space. Abby exclaimed “we work together!” The Kindergarteners are truly an amazing group. They are accepting of others and always look out for each other. 

The Kindergarteners can’t wait for First Grade at the Gordon School! Want to continue to be part of something amazing? Re-enrollment is open now and closes in less than a month on January 17th. We are honored to welcome you back for another amazing school year at the Gordon School!

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