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The Benefit of a Private School Education: Part 2

Last week’s blog featured information about how Gordon School’s curriculum is unique and innovative. This week, the blog will focus on the benefit of the community that develops in a private school. 

Families choose a private school according to their philosophy and mission which is their first connection when meeting other families. It is from there that commonalities are found and a bond is created. The Gordon School goes beyond the parents by chance meeting. We forge those connections from the moment the new parents enroll their child(ren). The benefit of being a close community is that we are able to connect newly enrolled families with our returning families. This allows new parents to feel comfortable within the new school community and make a connection that typically develops into a lasting friendship. Just this past year our successful Buddy Program formed close friendships between families. It was by the second week of school that the connected families were socializing outside of school hours. It is after school that you see the students begging to play on our state-of-the-art playground with their friends which ultimately allows the parents to create a closer bond.

The strong community begins with the students creating friendships throughout their day. Their smiles when they see their friends every morning and their eagerness to arrive to class is proof of their happiness of being part of the Gordon School community. Students are taught to assist and teach their peers in their classroom and school. From prayers to activities, you will see older students helping and teaching younger students. Every Monday and Thursday morning the 5th Grade students assist their younger peers with prayers. Helping each other is seen in school-wide activities including reading to early childhood students and participating in a school-wide breakfast with community heroes. All of Gordon School students learn the importance of doing mitzvot (acts of kindness) and the positive impact it has within their classroom. Their acts of kindness extend beyond their class into the larger community. The students actively participate in collecting and organizing food donations for those in need, collecting toiletries during Mother’s Day, wrapping new gifts for donation/to donate during the holidays, raising awareness to end child poverty and several other annual projects throughout the school year. The parents, teachers, and administrators lead by example by participating alongside the students in community outreach activities. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, students raised funds, gathered materials, packaged care packages and delivered these packages to patients battling breast cancer at a local hospital. Bringing students together to perform acts of kindness, in turn, teaches them compassion and respect for others.

Breast Cancer Awareness care packages

Our parents and staff act as role models to the students by engaging in activities on campus and community outreach. Every week parents are invited to attend the Shabbat Assembly with their child. It is a time that we gather as a school to welcome in the weekend and watch our peers perform a show. We also invite our parents to participate in school-wide and class activities. From eating breakfast in the Sukkah to acting as a Mystery Reader/Mystery Community Leader, the parents are constantly being welcomed to campus. The active Parent Association (PA) ensures all parents that want to be involved in the Gordon School have an opportunity to lead activities hosted by the PA. Gordon School’s parents have a voice here and they play a large role in many facets of the school. The PA encourages all parents to play a role in their child’s learning. At the Gordon School, we connect home and school which makes us a strong community of learners.  

The Gordon School is committed to developing important connections and sharing values with families, as we understand that the ties between us must be strong and meaningful. We have parent and family activities after school, such as Science Night, parent workshops, cooking with Rabbi Jacobs, holiday services and many more. These engaging nights bring the community together to celebrate and learn. A strong parent partnership is an essential element of student success in school.

The community at the Gordon School is rarely found in a private school. Our community acts as a family and the Gordon School is their home. Interested in joining the Gordon School community? Make an appointment to tour our school and learn more about our program via email at or via phone at 305.854.3282 ext 242.

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