Daniel’s Story

A few days ago I saw my son Moshe, 6 years old, defending a smaller kid being screamed by one of Moshe’s good friends. He stood between them and pushed his own friend away from the scared little kid. He decided and understood that what was going on was wrong. And even when his personal loyalty was with the bigger kid, he decided to intervene, defending the smaller.

This was, up until now, one of my proudest moment as a father. But after thinking about the episode I recognize that the seed for this moment was planted 5 years earlier when my wife and I decided to send Moshe to The Gordon School.

I know that the Gordon School helps my wife and me to shape Moshe’s character. The school is instrumental in reinforcing and teaching values we share. At the same time our son has the opportunity to learn and live side-by-side with kids that learn differently from him and this makes him a more empathetic person.

Raising a good kid into a good person is a big task and we are proud and happy to share this responsibility with our beloved Gordon School.

-Daniel Fujita


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    Harriett Fox says

    What a wonderful story, Daniel. I have been been blessed to watch the students at Beth David Gordon Schools grow and learn within the school, and develop into thoughtful, productive young adults.

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