Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome! On behalf of the entire staff, I look forward to welcoming you and your children back for another fantastic year at The Gordon School. 

In our Day School and Tikvah Center, we build strong minds, encourage independent thinking, and inspire creativity. We are committed to promoting a rigorous, engaging and positive educational experience where all students feel accepted and respected. 

As a Jewish community school, we infuse Jewish values into our students’ daily experiences and we meet the diverse needs of our students, their families, and the community. We emphasize the importance of Jewish living, learning, and academic achievement as the foundation of our students’ values. We seek to impart to our students an excellent secular and Jewish education while also teaching them to respect each family’s expression of Jewish identity. We create lessons that are meaningful to students’ culture and identity, while also educating students about other cultures.

All students are taught by caring, highly-qualified professionals in a warm, educational environment where we recognize and celebrate that every child is unique. One of the most celebrated connections on our campus is the Tikvah Center, a place for hope for children on the autism spectrum.  This program provides individualized and specialized quality education in a warm, nurturing environment. In the Gordon Day School and in the Tikvah Center, our emphasis on differentiated instruction creates the perfect environment to help each child reach his or her full potential.

I encourage you to find out more about The Gordon School as you explore our website and/or schedule a visit. To schedule a tour, please call 305-854-3282 or email


Ella Curtiss

Day School Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at The Gordon School Early Childhood Center!

The outstanding team of professionals that make the magic of education and myself would like to welcome all families to our program. We are excited for a new learning journey for both returning children and new friends.

Talk to your child! Whether you are returning or new to the school, your child will have a unique experience in a new classroom with new teachers and some new friends. An intentional and thoughtful conversation about the upcoming school year will help ease any first day jitters, as well as allow them to be open to explore their new surroundings with curiosity.

Orientation is the perfect opportunity for you and your child to meet their teachers and other parents, visit their classrooms, and greet their classmates. Moreover, the home-school connection is a critical component that will bring your child’s experience full circle. The Gordon School promotes and values parent education and throughout the school year you will be able to take advantage of several opportunities geared toward exploring the mind and heart of our community.

Our journey begins anew, and on behalf of the entire team, I thank you for joining the community and look forward to a meaningful, fun and exciting school year.


Micaela Dayan

Principal of Early Childhood Education 

Welcome families!

I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Miami. I bring a strong experience in autism advocacy, program and curriculum development, parent and staff training, and behavioral research from my previous position at UM-NSU Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD). 

As the Tikvah Center Director, I aim to deliver a supportive learning environment that promotes independence and helps our students achieve their maximum potential.

At the core of this outstanding program lies our individual consideration for all children with an understanding for each child’s needs. The development of our goals for each child will celebrate their strengths while continually encouraging growth and establishing a solid academic foundation. We aim to accomplish this through collaboration with all staff and families.  

Please reach out to me at or ext 231 to learn more about our program. 

Stephanie Llanes, MS, BCBA
Tikvah Center Director