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Faith’s Story

I am one of the “oldies” at Beth David Congregation.  My parents moved to the Roads section of Miami, when I was ten years old, to be within walking distance of a shul.  Little did we know then how important a part this synagogue would play in our lives.  It is our lives, and each day we realize it more.

Several years ago, I was approached and asked if I would like to be a part of the Gordon School school board.  I didn’t hesitate a minute, as I only had heard and knew of wonderful happenings here.  I knew the dedication of Norma and Sammy Gordon who were so instrumental in establishing the institution, and I knew some of the teachers personally.  Needless to say, because of my participation in the synagogue, over the years I knew many of the students who attended, and only heard accolades from all.

What a pleasure it is to sit with so many dedicated and caring parents who sit on the board.  Each meeting I feel so good when I hear the discussions and plans made by these amazing people, whose one objective is to promote, retain, and continue working to uphold the name of The Gordon School.  Our teachers are fabulous and you can see on their faces, always when speaking to their students or just talking about the school, their love for The Gordon School.  The looks on the faces of the students are equally as vivacious, either when they are playing on the school grounds or talking about their favorite teacher.  The friendships that are formed here cannot be explained enough.

I taught in the Miami-Dade public schools for 35 years, and saw, heard, and participated in multiple situations throughout my career; however, I have never seen such true feelings and comradeship as I witness in our school board meetings.  All these hard working parents want is a solid Jewish and secular education for their children.  All of this they do receive, and so much more from the Gordon School of Beth David. We are the best.

Faith Krause

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