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The Day in the Life of Fifth Graders – Part 2

Anyone walking by Ms. Curtiss’ office this morning would have paused to wonder what loud and engaging activity was going on in her office. What sounded like a large crowd of fifth graders was actually only half the class. This group of fifth graders were eager to answer the same questions that their peers answered the week before. Their curiosity of Ms. Curtiss’ office went beyond the chachkies and focused on her Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins and undergraduate awards. This morning meeting was filled with laughter. The fifth grade students loved answering the many questions about school and their interests. They didn’t always agree on their answers but were in sync about their favorite teacher. 

Future blog posts will need to feature our electives teachers! A majority of Gordon School’s students love Art and Physical Education. It is the fifth graders favorites because they can “express their creativity” and “play their favorite sport”. They were in agreement that social studies is a top favorite because they “learn about the past”. Ms. Maddi is “funny” according to eleven fifth grade students and she “makes learning fun”. The students agreed that they couldn’t pick just one favorite teacher at the Gordon School, they also love Ms. Marin, Mr. Noah, Coach Mike, Ms. Kurstin, Ms. Natalie and Ms. Andrea (science teacher). The small classes and nurturing environment at the Gordon School allows for a sense of family amongst the teachers and students. 

The students had a lot of fun with adding, changing and eliminating rules to the school day! Students voted, debated and agreed on implementing the following rules to make school more exciting. The rules would include “bringing your pets daily”, “bringing your technology, like a switch”, “ice skating rink”, “skydiving class”, and a unanimous decision to have “no homework”. They went beyond our school to want to change the law of making school mandatory for students. A student wanted to start a revolution and others chimed in to stop the use of “styrofoam and plastic” utensils and tableware. We welcomed students’ enthusiasm for change in their school and classroom but we were honest with them that we will not be implementing these rules into our school at this time. 

It was my last question that received the most input and discussion amongst the students. The Fifth Gradeverse would encompass all super powers. “Oogamaga” would “pause time” while “The Gorgan” would turn students into gnomes and “Zo” would bring back people from the dead and cure any illnesses or diseases. It’s “The Unseen Flying Traveler or UFT for short” that would “time travel and fly invisibly” and “Ben” would join forces in order to “eliminate the creation of mustard”. “Captain Hawinchining” has the powers of all superheroes in the Fifth Gradeverse and would lead them to victory. The superheroes come together to support each other in saving the world from doom. They would sync their powers and attacks to ensure the best possible outcome! 

It was during the picture at the end of our chat, that the students couldn’t stop laughing at their ability to all smile at the same time or what silly face to make. 

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