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Lisa’s Story

Our second daughter was born in New York and we moved back to Miami just days before she turned 1 year old.  Our oldest daughter was 2 years old, and had been attending a wonderful school in New Jersey from the time she was 17 months old.  We contacted a friend who had a daughter almost the same age as ours and she suggested we check out the Gordon School of Beth David.  Her daughter had been thriving there and what she liked most was the intimacy and warmth of the school.  It really didn’t sound like what we were looking for, but we agreed to visit it along with the other preschools in the area.  Having been raised in different countries, with different religions, parochial school was never really on our radar.  We shared the impression that a Jewish school would be very homogeneous and exclusive.  Almost upon arrival at the Gordon School, a feeling washed over both of us, and it was evident that we had found the right place to enroll our daughter.  Our younger daughter attended the ECC Shabbat service every Friday that year and in June, she started camp at the Gordon School of Beth David; the very same day that her baby brother was born.  Now, that baby is the last remaining member of our family in the Gordon School ECC, but it gives us great comfort knowing his 2 big sisters are just across the field in the Day School.  As a multi-cultural, interfaith family, we have found in the Gordon School a diverse and inclusive community that resembles our household and shares our values.  Our children are constantly and consistently developing character and becoming good citizens while learning the traditional subjects. The school feels like a continuation of our home and the community feels like an extended family.

-Lisa Levine-Cobos

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