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National School Choice Week – I LOVE MY SCHOOL

Thank you to all those that helped us celebrate National School Choice Week! If you want to join the celebration please like, comment and share our posts. 

Throughout the week students participated in National School Choice Week by reflecting on why they love The Gordon School. At The Gordon School, we empower students to advocate for the way they learn best. The last three blog posts include information regarding the benefits of a child enrolled in a private school. Each benefit detailed in the post is achieved and exceeded at The Gordon School. 

This national campaign is an effort to educate parents on the various school options available to their child(ren). Parents have the choice to find the right school for their child(ren). We participated in this campaign for all to hear what makes The Gordon School unique and why our students, parents, and staff/faculty love being part of The Gordon School community. We love hearing why you love The Gordon School and over the past 6 months these are a few of the reasons I have heard. 

I love the Gordon School because….

The community. 

The welcoming feeling. 

The wonderful teachers. 

My friends. 

The parent involvement.

The nurturing environment.

My child’s eagerness to attend school daily. 

The support. 

The child-centered curriculum.

The students practicing various life skills, especially presenting in front of an audience.

The willingness to listen to parent feedback. 

The engagement with families. 

They encourage students to perform acts of kindness towards others which helps build empathy.

They practice and teach the inclusion and acceptance of others.  

There are many more reasons why students, parents and faculty/staff love the Gordon School. Please share with us why you love The Gordon School! 

Interested in joining The Gordon School community? Make an appointment to tour our school and learn more about our program via email at or via phone at 305.854.3282 ext 242.

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