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Lisa’s Story

My family came to the Gordon School in 2010 when our daughter joined the Playgroup as a baby.  She had just learned to walk and barely had any hair.  Two of her classmates from that time remain among her best friends today.  At the time, we chose the Gordon School based upon its proximity to our respective offices.  But within a year, studying under the then-new Early Childhood Principal, Sandra Kopp, I learned about the various pedagogical approaches to early childhood education and began to connect what was happening in the classroom to our child’s learning experience.  Six years later, we have two children who are graduates of the ECC who are thriving in the Day School.  

I can’t say that we stayed at the Gordon School only for our children.  Sure, that played a role.  But we stayed for the community, for the friends we made, for the friends our children made and continue to make at the Gordon School.

We stayed because the Gordon School teachers coax, out of every child, the best version of themselves and that best version includes a values system that encourages our children to embrace diversity, resolve conflicts with kindness and be good citizens.  

We stayed because the Gordon School has shown us that educational excellence can coexist in an environment of tolerance and acceptance.  Our children are met at their respective levels by teachers who treat each child as an individual and strive to maximize each child’s academic, social and emotional growth.  

The Gordon School has enriched the lives of our children, ourselves and our extended families and we are proud to be part of such a vibrant community.

Lisa Jerles

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