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Lucky Second-Grader Goes Behind the Scenes as Principal for the Day

A lucky second grade student named Mark got to go behind the scenes at The Gordon School after being selected as “Principal for the Day” on Tuesday, March 19.  

When Mark arrived to school on Tuesday, he didn’t go to his second grade classroom as usual.  Instead, he began his day walking the hallways with Gordon School Principal Miriam Rube.  They popped into each classroom to wish the teachers and students a good morning before returning to the school office to check email and review the day’s calendar.  

Mark visited classrooms and took notes on what he observed.  He also met with teachers and staff to learn more about their jobs.  The second grade teacher, Ms. Mari Montes, showed Mark how teachers create individualized learning plans for each student and the fourth grade teacher, Ms. Mayre Marin, explained The Gordon School’s blended learning curriculum.  

Mark took a quick break from his busy schedule to be interviewed for this blog.  “My friends keep asking me to take away all the homework,” Mark admitted, “but tomorrow I won’t be the principal anymore and it will all go back!”

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