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Teacher’s Corner: Character Education

By Ms. Natalie Bernard, M.S.Ed.

Teaching children how to be good people with strong values is at the root of my teaching philosophy and is an integral component of the Gordon School community.

In the third grade classroom, we spend time defining and understanding character traits that help make us good citizens, both inside and outside the classroom. Oftentimes, we will link a character trait to a specific holiday or time of year. For example; in November we discuss the value of gratitude and its connection to Thanksgiving.

The character education series, Cloud 9, serves as a guide when teaching values in the classroom. This series provides a story to help students understand and relate to each value, such as gratitude, kindness and citizenship. After reading the stories with the class, we reflect upon and discuss each story. The students have the opportunity to write about the importance of a value and how it relates to them personally.

Integrating character education into the classroom positively impacts the students both individually and collectively. These are traits that affect us not only in school, but in our daily interactions as well.  They are qualities that will stay with us during our entire life. It warms my heart when I see students embody these values in their everyday lives.

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