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Thank You For Your Bravery And Service Day After Day

With Thanksgiving 2019 behind us, we are ever so grateful for everyday heroes that don’t wear capes. Firefighters, emergency medical personnel and law enforcement are the local superheroes that save lives in our community. At the Gordon School we thanked them at our inaugural Thanksgiving Breakfast.

Did you know the K9s are trained for a specific task? The Miami Police Department Special Task Force is training Claudine, the Bloodhound, to find missing children, whereas Axel, the Belgian Malinois, is trained to find explosives. The students were fascinated to watch and learn about the different dogs and their abilities. The students learned how often the dogs train, what happens when they retire, and where the city purchases the dogs. One student asked an insightful question of “what happens if the dog runs off and goes missing?” The police officers noted that this has not been an issue since the dogs are highly trained. Captain Ortiz shared with the students that all K9s will have GPS tracking devices in the coming weeks. We encourage our students to question problems and in turn think of possible solutions.

It was at the fire truck where students cheered on a firefighter as he showed them how quickly he must put on all of his gear when called to the scene. The firefighters were excited to explain all the gear and tools carried on the large truck. The students learned how the saw is used and in which situations where it would be necessary to use such a big, loud piece of equipment. The students were surprised that each firefighter is assigned to a specific task on the truck. We thank those heroes that run towards danger daily. 

The average motorcycle weighs 400 lbs, but the students learned that the police motorcycles weigh 950 lbs because of the gear it holds. Captain Ortiz oversees the special units divisions which include, the helicopters, K9s, motorcycles and horses. The students had the opportunity to pet a police horse and learn about where, when, and why they are used instead of a motor vehicle. They sat on a police motorcycle and went inside a police car, all which they had not experienced prior to that morning. Captain Ortiz was able to elaborate on the operations of these special units. He explained the daily cost to operate a helicopter and how each unit collaborates on various calls. Captain Ortiz told the students about a recent call at a local federal building and how it was handled. The students learned that police officers and firefighters’ duty is to protect us. They also gained an understanding of the phrase “see something, say something” and by the end of the morning understood the importance of telling an adult if they see something suspicious.

You could hear the children’s happiness and joy throughout the day. It is a memory they will cherish forever. We salute all those that serve our country locally, nationally, and internationally. We look forward to thanking and hosting our local heroes annually at the Gordon School. Thank you to our teachers, staff, and families that helped to create such a meaningful Heroes Breakfast Event.

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