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The Day In The Life Of Fifth Graders – Part 1

As the oldest students at the Gordon School, the fifth graders certainly had a lot to share with Ms. Curtiss and Ms. Stephanie. This week the Day School Principal and the Tikvah Center Director met with half of our fifth grade students. Next week, they will meet the rest of our fifth graders to learn more about their interests, likes, and plans for the future. With plenty of elementary school experience, they are certain of their favorite activities and know exactly which rule they would change in the school. 

Art and Physical Education are both popular subjects here at the Gordon School, especially among the fifth grade students. The fifth graders also truly enjoy science, reading and math for various reasons. The students enjoy thinking, dinosaurs and engaging in fun stories. These subjects are taught by some of their favorite teachers Ms. Andrea (the science teacher), Ms. Maddi and Coach Mike. The fifth graders agreed that Ms. Maddi, their homeroom teacher, has the “best class parties.” Students earn a class party when they work together, practice persistence, and act as role models for our younger students. We love our fifth grade leaders!

At the beginning of the year, students are an active member of creating their classroom. This includes deciding on the class rules and arrangement of school materials. It allows the students to feel part of their environment and increases comfortability in learning. All of the fifth graders were eager to suggest which school rule they would change. Immediately a student shouted, “hanging upside down from the monkey bars” and others agreed. Others wanted “more field trips”, “to end school at 3pm”, “no homework on Fridays” and “reduce the length of math class”. To sum it all up, one student ended the conversation with having “no rules”. Wow! That would be quite a change!

The fifth graders imagination soared when talking about being a superhero. Although they were at a loss of what their name would be, they knew their super powers. Their powers would include “fire power”, “switching people’s thoughts”, “changing into animals”, and “going invisible”. Our fifth grade students are eager to collaborate with the third graders to keep the school safe from villains.

 Lookout for next week’s post with the more insight from fifth graders!

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