The Day In The Life Of First Graders

If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower? The Gordon School’s First Graders tackled this challenging question and many more when they visited the principal’s office. As a superhero I would want to “make everything colorful” and have “nice arrows to make people share”. The perspectives of first graders are magical and we wanted to share these moments with you. 

At the Gordon School a first grader’s day includes core academic subjects, electives and foreign languages. The classroom is centered around the student. The class rules were created by the students and they organized their belongings the first week. This allows the students to feel part of their learning. They work in groups and learn independence by being responsible for their classroom items. 

The first graders were excited to join Mrs. Curtiss in her office to speak about their favorite aspects of school. They love art with Ms. Becky, physical education with Coach Mike and Hebrew with Morah Rachel. They like to learn and think it is “so cool, awesome and fun” at school. They think Ms. Krupp is “nice and likes when she teaches us new things”. The first graders also said they think Mrs. Schleien is “kind” because she says “good morning to me everyday on the stairs when I walk up”. 

The first grade interview ended with a group hug. They couldn’t wait to share their experience with their friends and talk about all the “cool” things in Mrs. Curtiss’ office. Students were curious to learn about what was in her office, such as the Big Book of Love (drawings from former students), a picture made out of a ton of crayons, and a light up sign that says “Welcome Back!” Mrs. Curtiss is looking forward to welcoming the first graders back to her office for another visit soon.

We can’t wait to interview other grades and hear about their day at the Gordon School!


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    Martha says

    What a beautiful, warm, loving environment. This is the first grade experience I always wished for my children!

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