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The Day In The Life Of Second Graders

Oh my gourd, the Thanksgiving performance was amazing this morning. We are proud of the students for having the courage and stage presence in front of an audience. This week Mrs. Curtiss and I had the opportunity to learn more about the second graders at the Gordon School. They are sweet students who share a lot of common interests.

2nd Grade

 The second graders are constantly smiling throughout the day. Max and Sophia love playing on the playground while Bella-Grace and Lucas enjoy drawing and art. Mijal and Chiara’s favorite part of the day is when they play with their friends. Cooper loves snack time because he is always hungry and Xander enjoys math with Ms. Amanda and Music with Mr. Daniel. The students agree that Ms. Krupp makes learning fun and they enjoy Fun Friday where the learning centers are designed as games. According to the students, Ms. Krupp is “nice” and “makes them feel happy,” while Mrs. Schleien is “helpful and kind,” and Ms. Amanda and Ms. Emily “listen to us” and “help us learn”. The students love learning and even want to add more math time to their day. 

With a big smile, one of the second graders had a list of suggestions for the school ready for Mrs. Curtiss. This included “funner stuff”, “more class parties” and “more dress down days”. Other students want to add more time to draw and color, more playground time and more science and art. Although they all had different additions to the school day, they all look forward to working together as superheroes. 

We welcome the second graders to the Gordon School Verse! They couldn’t wait to share the superpowers they would possess if they were a superhero protecting their school. Mijal, Bella- Grace and Lucas would use their super freezing ability to stop anyone in their tracks. Sophia, Superhero Queen, and Max, otherwise called the Green Titan Maxiliam, would have all the powers to assist in anyway necessary. Xander will help by flying and Cooper will become invisible man. Chiara, the super pretty girl, has her superhero outfit imagined as a pretty pink dress. 

We love the imagination and excitement the students show when sharing their likes about school and superhero powers.

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