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The Day In The Life Of Third Graders

It’s nearly impossible to truly capture a child’s imagination and write it in a short blog post. I will do my best to share with you thirteen third graders’ creative minds and their feelings about their school. 

There are days that we dream we are a superhero and today the students shared what their ultimate super power would be if they were a superhero. The Gordon School would be comprised of the Portal Dude, Tornado Eitan, Super Samantha and Pacman Caleb all with superpowers that would destroy bad guys and allow us to fly and teleport to locations all over the world. The superheroes would work collaboratively together to ensure the Gordon School is a safe and happy place. 

Mrs. Natalie, their super teacher, is “nice”, “funny”, “strict but fun”, and “organized”. She “teaches us new stuff”, “gives us extra snack time” and best of all “we earn log passes by doing something good”. They agreed that Mrs. Natalie “makes them feel happy”. The 3rd graders’ excitement to attend school daily is seen by their smiling faces and their energy and effort put into daily activities and tasks. 

Many of the 3rd graders mentioned physical education with Coach Mike as their favorite elective and snack/lunch as their favorite activity because it allows them to socialize with their friends. Two of the third graders specifically mentioned Wednesday as their favorite day of the week at school because they have art with Ms. Becky and musical rehearsals with Rabbi Jacobs. No matter what day of the week, “this place is always fun!” 

The Gordon School’s third graders are ambitious and can’t wait to grow up and pursue their dream careers. Our alumni will comprise of inventors, famous sports players, an architect, an astronaut and a Gordon School teacher. The school fosters working collaboratively, critical thinking and meaningful learning experiences. All qualities that will allow them to succeed in any career they choose. 

Looking ahead, they have big ideas for their school. A swimming pool was the most popular new addition they want to add to their school. The students’ faces lit up as their peers expressed their imaginations and hopes. They want a laser tag room, a wall to rock climb, more sports fields and a chocolate factory where they can have dessert after lunch. It was one third grader’s idea to have a 10 minute nap time in the middle of the day. These visions for their school can come true with your help! Check out our plans for a new building here.

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