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Tony’s Story

As I went through the motions of putting our daughter Danielle to sleep, I realized how much she has been able to learn by being a part of the Gordon School.  I pictured what she would be like today if we had not enrolled her in school and though I’m sure she would be vivacious and curious, I doubt she would have learned as much or be as happy under just our tutelage or that of a nanny.  

My wife and I are so grateful to the school and in particular to our Playgroup teachers who shower all the kids with so much love and careful mentoring. Going to school is one of the highlights of my week.  It is so uplifting to be in an environment that radiates such positive energy and love.  We truly enjoy the weekly updates, especially the pictures of these little ones learning and having fun.  Thank you from the bottom of our heart for being such great influences in our daughter’s life.  I am certain this early nourishment will set the foundation for the day that Danielle becomes an adult we can all be proud of.

-Tony Soto

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