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Young Students Solving Today’s Problems

Last week Gordon School’s Kindergarten through 5th Grade students presented their science fair projects to parents, peers, and judges. It was a proud moment for all involved in the process including students, teachers, parents, and administrators. The smiles on the Pre-Kindergarten students’ faces and their inquisitive questions allowed for a special moment between the Early Childhood and Day School/The Tikvah Center students. We believe in cultivating a strong sense of community between all students and grade levels. 

The Gordon School students’ creativity and curiosities were displayed at the science fair. The students began their project with a simple question they wanted to solve. They researched projects that would help answer their question. For example, students wanted to know which window cleaning spray did not leave streaks on the glass and others researched which paper towel held the most water. After honing their experiment they formed a hypothesis (their prediction) and identified the dependent and independent variables. Some of their first trials failed which gave the students the opportunity to problem-solve and find another way to test their question. 

The students’ presentations truly shined when they explained the experiment to the judges and answered all their questions with a complete understanding of the scientific knowledge behind their project. Our students’ experiments help solve current problems that our local community and world face. The solutions they found include the most efficient way to grow plants for crop sustainability, the best method to remove gum from surfaces, if pickles can turn on light bulbs and if potatoes and lemons create enough current to charge a cellphone. 

At The Gordon School, we encourage our students to ask questions and be curious. This is seen beyond their science fair project. Our older students in the Day School are currently building and programming robots for a large annual robotics competition with other schools and our younger students explore the outdoors to make connections between the environment and their studies.

Want to learn more about our programs and see our beautiful campus? Join us at our Open House on March 18, 2020 at 9 am! RSVP Here!

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